Mentorship Program

We believe in the power of relationship

The Restore Hope Mentorship Program aims to connect women experiencing homelessness in New York City and Washington, DC with volunteer mentors who build a relationship and walk with them through their journey to stability.

Mentors meet with their mentees on a regular basis, providing friendship and encouragement as they walk through an individualized action plan to reach their goals and achieve stability. Mentors have access to Restore Hope’s database of service organizations to help provide referrals to resources such food, clothing, and medical care.

Restore Hope also advocates for mentees, helping to develop resumes and apply for public benefits as well as providing support through challenging circumstances such as legal cases.

The mentorship program is not a fixed-length program. Restore Hope will continue to provide mentorship services as long as the individual wishes to continue in the program and is actively working toward reaching and sustaining their goals and following program guidelines.

Want to learn more? Check out reasoning behind our approach, read the stories of women whose lives have been changed, and sign up to volunteer